グローバルビジネスアドバイザリー  Global Business Advisory

Global Dynamics Corporation supports your global business development from every possible angle.

Our support services include:

◎Support for strategic planning and new business planning from a global perspective
◎Assistance in preparing materials based on the requests of senior management
◎Fostering an organizational culture and awareness to see the big picture and promote growth through training and individual interviews
◎Survey of the current status of overseas subsidiaries and support including training and interviews with local employees
◎Preparing reference materials for assignments and promotions, and handling interviews for personnel hiring and promotions, etc., with a view to the medium- to focusing on the long-term growth of each individual employee







In human resource development, it is important to address each and every employee according to the actual situation of your company.
As an external CLO (Chief Learning Officer), we plan and implement human resource development programs and training menus, taking into account the current situation of your company's human resource development, and working with each individual involved.
After the training, we provide detailed follow-up services for management, human resource managers, and participants. Consultations are free of charge.